3 key questions to finding the best photographer at the best price!


Research is the most crucial thing to do when selecting your photographer - don’t get roped in by what seems to be free/cheap to be hit by extortionate up selling tactics or be put straight off by what seems to be an expensive session fee!

These are the 3 main questions you should be asking to calculate your total cost for your photo shoot:

1. What is the total cost of the shoot and what is included?

(This might be free. It might be ridiculously cheap. It might seem really expensive. But you need to ask yourself why? Photographers need to make a living so you can usually expect the lower the initial cost, the higher the price of the photo after the shoot. In some cases, it could be a genuine reason - I.e for me with newborn, I’m very much still learning and implementing techniques so I take a donation for charity and then just charge for whatever photos parents like while I build a portfolio. So make sure you just ask and get clarification before booking anything. All good photographers will give you this information 😊)

2. What is provided for the shoot?

(You should ask about outfits and props here - if they’re not provided you’ll need to add additional costs to your total. Also clarify the photographers location and add travel costs for yourself... it all adds up!)

3. How much are extra digital images / prints and do they include a print release?

(Crucial. This is where you’ll be up-sold most. If a photographer isn’t willing to tell you the cost of those images post shoot, I’d steer clear! Make sure you have print release included or get a cost for this as you will not be able to reproduce any photos without this even if you’ve brought the image)

In conclusion - don’t be put off by higher or lower starting prices. Ask to see the photographers work, ask the above questions and make sure you’re selecting the right photographer for your needs and budget... even if that’s not me I don’t mind! 📸

Hope this helps some of you! 🙌

All my prices are attached to my booking link, including any additional costs for digital images / prints / canvases. Every shoot includes print release for all purchased digital images

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